DAVID Knowledge Center

Welcome to the knowledge center of DAVID Social Innovation Platform

DAVID is aimed at organizations that work with people and who make the interaction between people their business. We think first about the needs of internal and external HRM organizations that support decision making in their organizations with up-to-date information about people.

DAVID enables you to easily set up and distribute questionnaires and automates the process of data analysis and reporting. This is applied in amongst other fields:

  • Behaviors and employability assessments
  • Motivation assessments
  • Questionnaires aimed at monitoring personal and professional development
  • Implementation and support of job evaluation and appraisal processes

Every organization has its own specific needs so we give consultants the tools to implement the specific methodology, approach and work flow required to support their customer organizations.

DAVID is able to implement any methodology in this area that you have developed or purchased from vendors and consultancies. The minimal components include:

  • Questionnaires
  • Calculation methods
  • Reporting methodology
  • Work flow

The content of this website is not publicly accessible, but we will be happy to provide further information if you contact us.

DAVID Implementation Partners

If you represent and organization and are looking for a consultant able to implement DAVID Social Innovation Platform in your organization we can point you to one of our partner-consultancies. Successful implementation of strategic personnel planning, competency management, competence based job appraisal and job evaluation and job matching methodologies require the right support and knowledgeable consultants. DAVID only offers the technology, and this is why we will bring you in touch with one of our partners.

If you represent a consultancy and want to know more about what implementing DAVID for your customer projects can bring you in terms of optimizing your business processes, please contact us through the contact form.


DAVID Social Innovation Platform records, reports and provides recommendations about people and processes in organizations to improve the quality of your internal and external organization.

Personnel Planning

In this document we provide the background information and explain the goals of DAVID Social Innovation Platform with emphasis on the strategic personnel planning domain.

Strategic Personnel Planning with DAVID

User Manual

In this manual we take you step by step through the entire process of setting up and working with DAVID projects.

DAVID User Manual